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Free bottle of Acai Berry Cleanse

on Apr 02, 2014

How Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse changed my life forever!

Hello! I’m Jessica Miller and I want to discuss my personal weight loss after pregnancy story together with you. I’m no health expert or anything at all like that. I’m merely a mother whom found a method that actually works a lot better than all of the well-known diet programs you attempted (you know, those that didn’t work?).

The way I obtained my unwanted weight to begin with. ( weight loss after pregnancy )

Many thin folks believe that over weight people became like that because they’re very lazy. The fact of the matter is a lot of women gain additional weight as a result of life. Pregnancy, children, career, and schooling all will take time from all of our day. And also it’s all very stressful. Who would like to get back home following a long day’s work, put the little ones to bed, and then jump directly on-to the treadmill? Definitely not me personally, that’s for sure. It also has absolutely nothing to do with laziness. Individuals simply have a certain amount of energy.

I previously weighed 132 pounds before pregnancy. I wasn’t “supermodel skinny”, however I was fairly slender. Right after my 1st son came into this world, I put on around ten pounds. When my 3rd child had been born, I put on an overall total of 31 lbs, all pregnancy weight.

I weighed 163 pounds due to pregnancy. and felt awkward inside my own body. Therefore I made a decision to begin a diet to lose some of that pregnancy weight. I attempted every one of the “brand-name” diet plans such as Atkins, South Beach, cabbage (DEFINITELY my least favored of all of the weight loss plans), soups, fresh lemon juice. Take your pick, I attempted it. But none of them provided genuine outcomes which lasted for weight loss after pregnancy. So I threw in the towel.

weight loss after pregnancy
I weighed 187 pounds. just before I began my weight loss diet plan.

I quit hanging out with my friends. I felt disgusting and ugly. I began eating a lot more because I just did not care anymore. I was in a major slump all because of my pregnancy weight. At my most, I weighed 188 lbs. That’s when I seen something on a TV show that changed my life.

I finally found a new weight loss program that actually works.

I don’t think I would say I owe my life to that talk show, however I would say that if I had not been watching it when Dr. Oz was on to speak about a brand new super food named Acai Berry, I would more than likely still be overweight and gaining.

Doctor Oz raved about a brand new berry coming from the Amazon Rainforest known as Acai [pronounced as “ah-sigh-ee”]. It’s stronger than pomegranate extract or even red wine, and tastier as well. However the part which absolutely hooked me personally had been when Dr. Oz explained exactly how Acai makes it possible for weight loss by reduction of being hungry and increasing levels of energy. Acai appeared like the product I was looking for all along. And I trusted that talk show host to not have questionable doctors on, and so I had a sense this wasn’t those types of “too good to be true” items, especially for pregnancy weight.

acai berry cleanse
(Acai berries are among the most nutritious, and delicious fruits..)

The following day I spotted Dr. Oz on yet another tv show discussing how colon cleansing is a superb technique to shed your unwanted weight. I don’t understand all the medical details, but essentially he had been explaining how years amount of gunk and junk get trapped in your colon as well as stores in all kinds of toxins. It’s a thick slime such as tar residue and in addition it adds several inches on your waistline.

You’re able to do all of the exercise you would like, however it won’t get it out (perhaps that’s why all of those diets failed for me personally). Dr. Oz stated that cleansing away this sludge would enable you to lose weight in such a way exercise and dieting can’t since it eliminates those extra inches you’re not gonna get rid of any other way.

That’s when I had a thought. What happens if I used both Acai berry products and Colon Cleanse products to produce a extremely safe and effective weight loss plan?

After I had my idea to mix both of these methods, I wanted to discover a way to check it out without having to spend a lot of money. I looked for a couple of days and located some terrific cost-free trials of products to try out.

Both the products I came across, and even now use are Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse.

Step 1: Acai Berry

Acai Berry will be the first, and the most important, part of my program. If you’ve been watching TV lately you know that News Outlets and Talk show hosts have covered the health benefits of Acai quite regularly.

Acai Berry helps me:
- Normalize my metabolism
- Supress my appetite throughout the day
- Increase my energy so that I can concentrate on my children, career, spouse, and simply more “me” time.
- Shed quite a few pounds from my figure simply by swapping out coffee and soda

I received a totally free trial of Acai Berry and I really love the fact that I’m able to go ahead and take Acai and continue on with my day without any worries.

Step 2: Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse would be the essential part of my program. While Acai Berry provides me with energy and helps reduce my appetite, Colon Cleanse:
- Eliminates the dangerous toxins within my body
- Cleans away walls of aged sludge inside my colon
- Made it easier for me to shed quite a few inches off my waistline that working out couldn’t
- Helped lower my blood pressure level and cholesterol levels

I received an absolutely free bottle of Colon Cleanse and so I take a single pill each morning and one in the evening when I take my Acai Berry. Those are the perfect weight loss combo, helping me get rid of flab and also cleanse my system of dangerous waste build-up.

The final results involving my personal diet routine…

Within my free trial I dropped 25 lbs! I carried on using both products and dropped an additional 17lbs. (That’s an overall total of 42 pounds in three months!) I’m back to 145 and I’m merely 13 lbs. off from my pre-mom / pre pregnancy weight!

my results

I find myself much healthier and much more rested than ever before. My hubby is really very proud of what I’ve achieved and I also have a lot more energy to do fun activities with my children. However what’s even better is, I feel and look sexier than I did during my twenties!

I really hope my story gives at the very least some inspiration that will help you slim down and help with your weight loss after pregnancy. Just don’t stop trying, because reducing weight really will alter your life in many ways you never dreamed. You’ll feel things you haven’t felt since you were 20. Best of all, you’ll finally be pleased with yourself for tackling your unwanted weight for good.

I absolutely recommend this process; it worked wonders when the rest failed. However the good thing would be that the products I came across have cost-free trials, so you’re able to test drive it and find out if it’s best for you. This is the absolute best thing for weight loss after pregnancy in my opinion!

I lost 42 lbs with these FREE trial buldge busters!

Be sure to order both Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse if you want to achieve maximum results.

Free bottle of Acai BerryFree bottle of Colon Cleanse